About This Chart

This Zcash release schedule represents the current plan for upcoming zcashd releases as well as historical release dates. The chart is chronological representing past to future from left to right. The vertical axis is used only for layout without other meaning.

Each release is represented as a rectangle whose left side corresponds to the release date when the Zcash Company plans to release official source and binary packages for all supported platforms. The right side represents the anticipated end-of-support halt date when the node will shutdown, which is approximately 18 weeks after the release date. See this Release Cycle Update blog post for background on end-of-support halt.

The releases are color-coded corresponding to the mainnet protocol those releases support, which also correlates to the first two version numbers. Currently defined protocol release series are:

  • the 1.0.x Sprout zcashd release series,
  • the 1.1.x Overwinter zcashd release series,
  • and the 2.0.x Sapling zcashd release series.

The current date is represented as a solid vertical bar. Anticpated activation dates for protocol upgrades are represented as dashed vertical bars.

Edit 2018-05-31: Auto-senescence terminology changed to “end-of-support halt”.