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What is Blossom?

Blossom is the third network upgrade for Zcash, and in accordance with the Zcash trademark agreement, it is endorsed by both Electric Coin Co. and the Zcash foundation.


Shorter Blocktimes

This feature increases the frequency of blocks, allowing transactions to resolve faster. This will improve Zcash’s usability and increase how many transactions per hour the network can sustain while keeping transaction fees low.

To keep the emission rate and halvening schedule of Zcash unchanged, the halved block times also require that the per-block reward be halved. The emission rate per time, however, remains unchanged.

How do I upgrade?

If you are unsure about how to upgrade your node, don’t worry! The Zcash user guide has comprehensive sections on upgrading nodes, whether they were installed from source code or the Debian package. A careful read of this guide should answer most upgrade-related questions.