Security Announcement

A bug related to transaction priority handling may allow an attacker to crash Zcash nodes (Denial of Service) via a specially crafted transaction. A fix is implemented in zcashd release 1.0.8-1.
Please see the official announcement for more details and update your Zcash node to 1.0.8-1.



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A guide for first-time users of Zcash.


A list of frequently asked questions about Zcash covering business, economics, community, technology, mining and using.

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For support from the community, try the Zcash forum or our community-run developer chat.

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Download the Zcash command-line client for Linux.

1.0 User Guide

To get started with the Zcash command-line client, follow the instructions in our User Guide.


Information and announcements about Zcash security.


Zcash Integration Guide

A technical guide for integrating zcashd into new or existing cryptocurrency products or services.

Protocol Specification

The Zcash protocol specification.

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Security Documentation

Documentation on security warnings for zcashd and the RPC interface.

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Join our rocketchat to talk to Zcash developers in #zcash-dev, or with Zcash scientists in #zcash-wizards.


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A community contributed mining tutorial for new users that starts with installing Linux.

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The official Zcash wiki mining guide.

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The Zcash forum mining channel. Get help and discuss mining-related issues here.

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