Built for the digital age

Zcash is private, fast, flexible and accessible to everyone.

Oversharing isn't fun. With Zcash, your information is in your control. Use your mobile phone to privately pay a friend, send money overseas, buy groceries or send a donation to a worthy cause.

  • Fast transactions and low fees, when compared to other digital currencies
  • The industry's strongest privacy protections — for peer-to-peer payments, retail purchases and business transactions
  • Complies with financial regulations around the world

How to pay with Zcash

Pay in person at dozens of retailers

Use the Gemini or Flexa SPEDN apps on your mobile phone to pay with Zcash at Lowe's, Nordstrom, Baskin Robbins and more.

Pay online anywhere Visa is accepted

Moon lets you use Zcash online from nearly any shopping cart.

Send money to a friend, merchant or service provider

Traditional crypto wallets — like Unstoppable, Zecwallet Lite and Nighthawk — provide a fast and safe way to send money to anyone.

Zcash for merchants and platforms

Merchants, app developers and point-of-sale providers need easy-to-integrate solutions that provide privacy protections for consumers, and audibility at the same time. Zcash can help.

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