Bringing Crypto into Context

In March, as part of our Crypto in Context initiative, Electric Coin Co. (ECC) kicked off an ambitious pilot program […]

New Release 4.4.0

zcashd can now be configured to optionally expose an HTTP server that acts as a Prometheus scrape endpoint. The server […]

NU5 Proposed Features

As part of the Network Upgrade Pipeline, Electric Coin Co. (ECC) is publishing our Zcash Improvement Proposals (ZIPs) for Network […]

New Release 4.3.0

Reduce download traffic. Reduce upload traffic. libzcashconsensus replaced by libzcash_script. Other P2P Changes. Build system updates.

Network Upgrade Pipeline 2.0

ECC introduced Version 1.0 of the Network Upgrade Pipeline, commonly known in Zcash circles as the NUP, in December 2018. […]

Bringing Halo 2 to Zcash

We foresee a day when the world’s financial systems run on top of and interoperate with Zcash. Just as HTTPS […]

New Release 4.2.0

Switch to ed25519-zebra for consensus signature checks. Update default fees according to ZIP-313. Improve getblocktemplate rpc performance when using shielded […]

Fuzzing Zcash with Kubernetes

Security is paramount to the success of Zcash and ECC, and as such, we invest significant resources into security. We […]

New Release 4.1.1

This is a hotfix release that addresses a performance regression in v4.1.0. It is recommended that either v4.0.0 or this […]

New Release: 4.1.0

Migration to Clang and static libc++. Fast sync for initial block download. Convenient testing for invalid note plaintexts. Additional lightwalletd […]

New Release: 4.0.0

The 4.0.0 release supports the Canopy activation on mainnet, which will occur at a block height of 1046400 (mid-November), following […]

ECC releases code for Halo 2

Electric Coin Co. (ECC) has opened the source code we are developing for Halo 2, an updated, more efficient version […]

Celebrating Canopy and Community

Zcash might have the most diverse community of any crypto ecosystem. It includes world-class cryptographers and engineers, leaders from other […]

New Release 3.1.0

The code preparations for the Canopy network upgrade are finished and included in this release.

New Release: 3.0.0

This release supports the Heartwood activation on mainnet, which will occur at a block height of 903000 (mid-July), following the […]

New Release: 2.1.2-3

Electric Coin Co. has released zcashd 2.1.2-3, a hotfix that addresses issues identified in the Heartwood activation on testnet. This […]

The state of Zcash adoption

Since 2016, Zcash has become one of the most widely adopted digital currencies, supported by high-quality financial institutions and crypto […]

New Release: 2.1.2

This release supports the activation of Heartwood on testnet, with an activation height of 903800, slated to occur on May […]

Open-sourcing ECC Wallet

ECC Wallet is a fully functional, Android- and iOS-native mobile wallet built for Sapling shielded Zcash transactions on mainnet. ECC […]

Mine to Shielded Coinbase

As part of the Heartwood network upgrade, Zcash miners and mining pools will have the option to mine directly to […]

Introducing Heartwood

Heartwood, the next major Zcash network upgrade, improves interoperability through Flyclient support and gives miners the option to immediately shield […]

New Release: 2.1.0-1

Electric Coin Co. became aware of a security announcement on the bitcoin-dev mailing list this morning (8th November). Upon investigation, […]

New Release: 2.1.0

The mainnet activation of the Blossom network upgrade is supported by this release, with an activation height of 653600.

New Release: 2.0.7-3

On Tuesday September 24th we released version 2.0.7-3 of Zcashd to address two security issues. Both were discovered and reported […]

New Release: 2.0.7-2

Summary of the Changes Testnet Blossom “Rewind” to prevent having to manually reindex when reconnecting to the correct chain. Insight Explorer […]

New Release: 2.0.7

Summary of the Changes Included in this Release Shorter block times. Blossom activation on testnet. Insight explorer changes.

Animating Zcash

Electric Coin Company (ECC), formerly known as the Zcash Company, invented and has been supporting the Zcash cryptocurrency since its […]

New Release: 2.0.6

This release of zcashd v2.0.6 is a maintenance release, focusing on code clean-ups and minor bug fixes. It precedes v2.0.7 […]

Introducing Zepio Wallet

The Zcash Foundation is delighted to announce Zepio Wallet, a shielded-first, cross-platform Zcash wallet that includes a full zcashd node. Sync and spend […]

Sprout-to-Sapling Migration Tool

The Electric Coin Company is pleased to announce the official Sprout-to-Sapling migration tool in the 2.0.5-2 release of zcashd. This […]

ZecWallet: New Name and Rapid Progress

Last November, the Zcash Foundation announced our ongoing financial support of zec-qt-wallet, an open-source application created by Aditya Kulkarni. The wallet is […]

Announcing ZF Grants

The Zcash Foundation’s new platform for grants and community funding, ZF Grants, is in open beta on the Zcash testnet! The […]

Final Blossom Goals

Since announcing the proposed Blossom goals on the Forum this past November, the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company has worked both […]