Watch ZCG candidate community call

Meet the Zcash Community Grant committee (ZCG) candidates running for the one open spot to join the committee July 1 2022. Call hosted by Jack Gavigan, ZF Executive Director, and Daniel Wolande, ZF Ecosystem Relations Manager, who presented the candidates questions from the Zcash Community.

Zcon3 1.5 months away

We're about 1.5 months away from the Zcash Foundation's annual privacy event - Zcon3! With about 20 tickets left, we advise those interested in attending, to register asap. (Online registration will open soon for the virtual component)

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Daira Hopwood

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Daira Hopwood. Daira is a cryptographic engineer with the Electric Coin Company. Ze contributed to the design of the Sprout, Sapling and Orchard shielded protocols, designed the Pasta curves, and is a ZIP Editor & the lead author of the Zcash protocol spec.

Proof of Stake: Approach, focus, and next steps

As we described in our initial blog on Proof-of-Stake Research, we are releasing updates to the Zcash community as we go. In this post we describe major technical research areas we intend to focus on moving forward. We will go over a number of topics, including these focus areas, approach, and next steps. We’ll adjust throughout the process as we discover new needs.

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Elizabeth Crites

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Elizabeth Crites. Elizabeth is a research scientist at the University of Edinburgh. She holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Brown University, an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University, & a BSc in Mathematics from the U of Western Ontario!

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Pratyush Mishra

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Pratyush Mishra. Pratyush Mishra is a cryptographer at Aleo working on developing & implementing zkSNARKs. He recently completed his PhD from UC Berkeley. His PhD research focused on new constructions and applications of zkSNARKs.

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Str4d

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Str4d. Str4d is a cryptographic engineer who started at the Electric Coin Company as a software engineer & ex-physicist in 2016. He built Zcash’s PoW subsystem & has since contributed to the design & implementation of most of the consensus protocol changes.

Cypherpunk Zero public mint closed

The Cypherpunk Zero NFT saw all NFTs minted during its allowlist and public release periods. There are currently 1,200 owners and members of this new community.

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Daniel Benarroch

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Daniel Benarroch has 8 years of experience in cryptographic research. He has designed and built several products based on privacy-enhancing techniques and is currently leading strategy and the Research team at Qedit.

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Jordi Baylina

Zcon3 speaker highlight: Jordi Baylina. Jordi is an outstanding member of the Ethereum community and part of the White Hat Group. He's the co-founder of iden3 and the main contributor to circom and snarkjs. Currently, he's the technical lead at Polygon Hermez, building a zkEVM.


Congratulations to the @ElectricCoinCo engineers (especially @ebfull) on the successful activation of NU5 (and Halo2)! A big shout-out also to to the @ZcashFoundation engineers! Zebra took its first network upgrade in its stride.

Congratulations to the @ElectricCoinCo engineers (especially @ebfull) on the successful activation of NU5 (and Halo2)! A big shout-out also to to the @ZcashFoundation engineers! Zebra took its first network upgrade in its stride. Hopefully the first of many! #TeamZcashⓩ

Zcash Proof-of-Stake Research

While most of ECC is focused on the upcoming deployment of Halo and the shielded-by-default ecosystem in the impending NU5 update, a few of us have begun the initial research phase with a goal of producing a concrete transition proposal to the Zcash community.

Cypherpunk Zero NFT Public Release

In celebration of Zcash NU5 and the world’s first implementation of Halo cryptography, ECC is proud to present the Cypherpunk Zero NFT collection—a grand experiment in cross-chain community building.

New Release 5.0.0

The 5.0.0 release supports NU5 activation on mainnet, which will occur at a block height of 1687104 (May 31st), following the targeted EOS halt of our 4.6.0-2 and 4.7.0 releases on May 16th.


Zebra beta.9 is out

Zebra beta.9 is out! The latest beta continues our work on lightwalletd RPC methods, and it also contains some internal CI improvements. A huge shout out to the Zebra engineers for all of your hard work. It certainly does not go unnoticed


Cypherpunk Zero prepping for public mint

In celebration of #Zcash NU5 and the world’s first implementation of Halo cryptography, ECC is proud to present the @CypherpunkZero NFT collection—a grand experiment in cross-chain community building. Here’s what you need to know re:the upcoming public release of the free NFTs.


Zcash has an anthem

My Zash Anthem Is All Yours Now! Please give this Song all your love and support! Also available on Spotify, Instagram, Tiktok & other streaming platforms.

Zcon3 is headed to Vegas

The Zcash Foundation is excited to announce that Zcon3 will be held in-person, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, from August 7-9. Zcon3 will also have a virtual component.

The Empty Space 間

PayWithZcash wrote an article on Zcash and its position as the "The Empty Space 間" in the crypto space.

New Release 4.7.0

Release 4.7.0 marks a major milestone on the path to NU5. It enables full support for the Orchard shielded protocol and Unified Addresses on testnet. It will also reactivate NU5 on testnet to pick up the latest consensus changes.

Grayscale’s newly-updated Zcash report

It’s no secret that data privacy has come back into focus as a key trend within Web 3.0. Zcash seeks to become the model digital currency of choice for digital information security.

New Release 4.6.0-2

Release 4.6.0 and 4.6.0-1 zcashd nodes will reach End of Service on or about April 13th, 2022. Prior to that time, all nodes must upgrade to 4.6.0-2 to avoid service interruptions.


Zcash Media’s Mission

Hello #Zcash fam! We're getting ready to start showcasing the work of Zcash Media to the world! Our multi-platform educational hub is launching this month, but first a quick intro to who we are and our mission...

Zcash to 10 billion

Electric Coin Co. (ECC) talks a lot about empowering everyone with economic freedom and opportunity — it is our mission, […]

Buy and Sell ZEC on Coinbase

Coinbase supports Zcash (ZEC) at and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now buy, sell, send, receive, […]

BitGo Adds Zcash

Zcash is now supported in both our multi-signature wallets and our cold storage custody solutions. BitGo and Zcash engineers worked together […]

Coinbase Exploring Zcash

Coinbase provides an important, regulated on-ramp to utilizing Zcash’s technology for over 20 million consumers. We applaud the Coinbase decision […]

Introducing Agoric

Agoric has completed a seed funding round from the Zcash Company, Naval Ravikant, and Polychain Capital. We thank our investors […]

Introducing StarkWare Industries

We’re proud to announce that StarkWare has completed a $6M seed funding round. Our investors include Pantera, Naval Ravikant, MetaStable, Floodgate, […]

“Privacy is an essential part of cryptocurrency security, and despite some initial mistaken beliefs to the contrary, Bitcoin alone doesn’t provide that. Zcash is the first cryptocurrency that provides the level of privacy users deserve and expect.”

Radiolab – The Ceremony

Last November, journalist Morgen Peck showed up at her friend Molly Webster’s apartment in Brooklyn, told her to take her […]

“Privacy is crucial to modern business. If Apple and Samsung can view each other’s financial transactions, the system is not secure. Zcash provides that secure, neutral ground for commerce.”

“The Zcash team is doing much needed work. Protocols like this are the ideal building block for p2p electronic cash.”

“Zcash is an important project being worked on by a very talented team.”

“Bitcoin was built using decades-old cryptography; I’m excited to see what is possible when a great team applies the latest advances to create a better digital cash.”

Bitcoin Isn’t Anonymous Enough

Anonymity achieves [fungibility] by preventing merchants or service providers from seeing any blemishes that might prevent them from honoring a […]

“As much as people now love the idea and the benefits of blockchain technology, time and time again they bring up two issues that blockchains currently do not address: scalability and privacy. I believe that the technology that Zcash is working on is currently the best in class in its ability to address the privacy challenge.”

“There is a strong need for research into better fungibility in digital currency systems, and Zcash is an ambitious project that goes far beyond the incremental improvements worked on elsewhere.”

“Bitcoin is HTTP for money; Zcash is HTTPS.”

“The Zcash team has been been working away quietly and diligently on something very, very important: fully private and fungible digital cash.”

“Technically, it’s a challenge to have fungibility in a shared blockchain, yet money requires fungibility. It’s exciting to see the Zcash team working toward adding real fungibility to blockchains—and with the strength and talent of this team, this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

“Privacy is a very important challenge with current blockchain technology, but existing solutions like private blockchains do not really solve the problem. The technology behind Zcash does.”

“I think the right to privacy is important in all aspects of life, including financial transactions, and Zcash is the ultimate currency for privacy.”

“Zcash is strongest where Bitcoin is weakest; It gives users the easy ability to maintain their financial privacy. If anything can compete with Bitcoin, it will be on this front.”

“The fully private Zcash is to digital currencies what Bitcoin was to money—a monumental innovation. Something truly comparable to physical cash has been born online.”

“Zcash is pursuing a noble goal – retaining privacy for free citizens in an age of mass surveillance. ShapeShift has invested proactively in only two upcoming digital assets, and Zcash is one of them. We’re honored to support Zooko and the outstanding team behind this project.”

“I invested in Zcash because of the impressive team pushing the boundaries of crypto and because Privacy is one of building blocks of Freedom.”

“The lack of fungibility of Bitcoin has always been a looming threat to its economics. Zcash finally solves that problem, using one of the most fascinating cryptographic techniques ever developed. Since the protocol was first discussed, it was obvious to me it would be a hit; it was merely a matter of getting the right team to see it through. I believe the Zcash company has done just that.”

Zcash Launches in Alpha

In the game of anonymity, cryptocurrency fans have embraced Bitcoin and the blockchain technology which drives it. The technology does […]

“Zcash has the most innovative technology that will revolutionize how the world manages data privacy.”