The official Zcash client is built for Linux (64 bit). To see a list of third-party wallets that support Zcash and check out alternative download options, see the wallets page.

Note that you may need at least 2GB of RAM to generate shielded Zcash transactions prior to the Sapling release. Be sure to read our recommendations for protecting your privacy before you begin using Zcash.

Debian package install instructions

Electric Coin Company maintains a package repository for 64-bit Debian-based distributions, making it possible to install Zcash using "apt-get" from the command line. Detailed instructions are available in the Debian install guide.

Binary Tarball Download & Setup

Electric Coin Company provides a binary tarball for download.

See the binary tarball download and install guide to get set up.

Build from source

To build Zcash from source, follow the instructions in our User Guide.