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The Zcash Company aims to set a new standard for privacy through the use of groundbreaking cryptography.


The Zcash Company is a science-driven team.

我们的科学家和工程师是底层科学原理的发现者和协议的设计者。我们不是控制者或者掌权者。我们信仰去中心化的价值,它提供了安全和公平。Zcash 的每个用户都是网络的一部分,帮助它免于失败和腐败。我们创建了Zcash,但是它的最终命运并不掌握在我们手里,而是掌握在你们手里。

Since Zcash is an open-source protocol, the Zcash Company (ZcashCo) does not control it (including controlling the mining or distribution of it) or have special access to private or shielded transactions. Just like anyone else, ZcashCo only has the ability to see a private or shielded transaction if it is a party to that transaction or someone provides it with the correct view key. ZcashCo’s role in the ecosystem is to offer updates to the Zcash protocol which the public may choose to implement or ignore. ZcashCo does not sell, exchange, transmit, or retain custody of Zcash for consumers or the public at large.

In addition to ZcashCo, the Zcash Foundation was launched in March of 2017 to guide the evolution of Zcash. Join #the-zcash-foundation channel in the Zcash community chat to get involved.

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