Animating Zcash

Electric Coin Company (ECC), formerly known as the Zcash Company, invented and has been supporting the Zcash cryptocurrency since its […]

New Release: 2.0.6

This release of zcashd v2.0.6 is a maintenance release, focusing on code clean-ups and minor bug fixes. It precedes v2.0.7 […]

Introducing Zepio Wallet

The Zcash Foundation is delighted to announce Zepio Wallet, a shielded-first, cross-platform Zcash wallet that includes a full zcashd node. Sync and spend […]

Sprout-to-Sapling Migration Tool

The Electric Coin Company is pleased to announce the official Sprout-to-Sapling migration tool in the 2.0.5-2 release of zcashd. This […]

ZecWallet: New Name and Rapid Progress

Last November, the Zcash Foundation announced our ongoing financial support of zec-qt-wallet, an open-source application created by Aditya Kulkarni. The wallet is […]

Announcing ZF Grants

The Zcash Foundation’s new platform for grants and community funding, ZF Grants, is in open beta on the Zcash testnet! The […]

Final Blossom Goals

Since announcing the proposed Blossom goals on the Forum this past November, the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company has worked both […]