Security Announcement

A bug related to transaction priority handling may allow an attacker to crash Zcash nodes (Denial of Service) via a specially crafted transaction. A fix is implemented in zcashd release 1.0.8-1.
Please see the official announcement for more details and update your Zcash node to 1.0.8-1.


Zcash 1.0.9 Postponed

Nathan Wilcox | Apr 17, 2017

We have decided to postpone the Zcash Sprout 1.0.9 release from today's planned release date to mid-May.

We have been planning a transition in May of our release process and policies to improve our collaborations with community and industry partners, to improve safety, and to prepare for our Sapling protocol upgrade. Due to the v1.0.8-1 hotfix release last week, it makes the most sense to postpone 1.0.9 until the new process is in place.

We'll post an announcement of the new release process and policies ahead of the 1.0.9 release. We have exciting features and collaborations underway. Stay tuned!

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